We provide a range of one-on-one and team coaching services.  If you think one of these services can benefit your team please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Executive Leadership Development

Woman Leading Team

Develop and hone your team’s leadership style and effectiveness with 360º assessments and One-on-One Coaching that creates a space to think differently and deliver improved performance.

Leadership Development Programme (6 half day workshops) in partnership with Dale Carnegie Training.   This executive leadership program gives participants the building blocks to  sharpen existing leadership skills, and master new strengths.

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UpAGear Team Performance Programme

Two people working as a team to achieve
The UpAGear team programme provides a tried and tested approach that transforms team performance and delivers a step-change in results for executives and leaders of all organisations.

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Communicating to Lead

man at podium giving important sales presentation at event
We provide tailored 1-to-1 pre-event coaching for individuals or groups who are preparing for:
– a high impact presentation to an audience at an event
– a sales pitch
– a difficult one on one conversation around performance

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Supporting Career Transition

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For organizations who are supporting the transition of employees…we provide specialist and tailored services to enable a smooth and successful transition to support the employee(s) through the change.

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Developing Mentoring Programmes

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If your organisation is looking to develop a mentoring programme we can support you in the programme design and initial training of mentors, mentees and administrator(s).

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